Market Areas

EB Consulting has it’s main focus on the energy supply industry (generation and distribution) and it’s operational control and telecommunications systems.

Energy supply

The energy supply sector has it’s own extensive telecommunications systems; primarily for operational control (control and monitoring of power installations – production and distribution systems). Operational control systems are built and operated in compliance with the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate’s (NVE) laws and regulations.

The basis for these regulations is the NVE’s Emergency Preparedness Regulations for Energy Supply. Here energy providers and bound by strict requirements for the security of operational control systems, including telecom and data links. Central topics of these regulations include EMP/EMI protection, communications link redundancy, access control, shell security and telecom/data security.

In addition to this, the energy supply sector also provide broadband internet access to the commercial market. The majority of these are fibre based although radio based solutions are also used to a relatively large degree.

The company provide planning and engineering for:

  • Project leadership and implementation of “turn-key” projects
  • Conduction of risk and vulnerability assessments (ROS)
  • Assessment and analysis with implementation of necessary improvements to attain compliance with the requirements of the National Emergency Preparedness regulations.

  • Planning and design of telecom network solutions (transmisjon)
    • Radio link systems (RL)
    • Closed radio networks – Professional Mobile Radio (PMR)
    • WLAN
    • Civil Works (radio stations and antenna masts, for power supply etc.)
    • EMP/EMI protection and testing/compliance measurements for control rooms, telecom/data rooms and radio stations
    • Telecom operational control solutions
    • Fibre cable systems
    • ITV/video surveillance systems

Tunnel Communications

Road Tunnels for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration

EB Consulting work in collaboration with several other large consultancies on the planning of electrical equipment in road tunnels operated by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The company provides planning for radio and telecoms equipment.

Telecom Operators

EB Consulting provide consultancy services to telecommunications operators; both for fixed and mobile line providers.
Services include:

  • Planning and design of telecom network solutions (transmission)
    • Radio link systems
    • Mobile networks
    • Frequency allocation and on-site planning
    • Civil Works (radio station and antenna masts, power supply etc.)
    • EMP/EMI protection of radio stations and telecom/data rooms
  • Project leadership and implementation of “turn-key” projects