EB Consulting provide engineering and planning services within several areas connected with telecom, operational control systems and EMP/EMI protection. From initial planning to building/implementation, commissioning, reporting and documentation.

In summary – delivery of complete turn-key solutions.


The company provides project planning and implementation of solutions for:

  • Telecom (Communication links, broadcast, operations radio (PMR), fibre, WLAN etc.)
  • Radio links including  site survey, radio and frequency planning/allocation and more.
  • Operational control via SCADA communication links.
  • Protection of telecom and operational control systems against EMP/EMI.
  • Testing of control and computer rooms in operations centres, power stations, network stations and more, for the energy supply industry.
  • Power supply systems (AC/DC and emergency backup systems)
  • Camera surveillance ITV/CCTV
  • Radio and mobile broadcast and communications in road tunnels.


Radio stations


Satellite communications


Planning of radio link communications

Example projects

  • Planning and implementation of radio-based network including modelling of radio link communications
  • Planning of digital and analogue PMR networks/operations radio with base stations and associated backbone and access network
  • Planning of SCADA communications for power facilities (radio, power supply, fibre, telecom lines etc).
  • Planning of radio site (building, antenna mast, telecom equipment, power supply etc).
  • Planning of telecom operational control system (Telecom SCADA).
  • Design and planning of solutions for EMP/EMI protection of control rooms and radio stations.