EMP/EMI Testing and Measurement

EB Consulting conduct testing of shielded rooms and cabinets and provide the customer with documentation to certify that protection against EMP/EMI meets the requirements of applicable regulations. Testing is performed in compliance with IEEE standard 299 or IEC TS 61000 for CW testing.

The test standards dictate the nature and frequency  of how testing should be performed. Attenuation values required are regulated by national authorities.

Description of testing method
  • Select measurement locations
  • Calibration of test equipment outside the shielded room at distances related to the size of the room to be measured  (reference measurement).
  • Transmission of test signal (across a selected range of frequencies) using a signal generator.
  • Measurement of received attenuated test signals (using spectrum analyser etc) on opposite side of screen.
  • Measured attenuation in dB between the sender and receiver is corrected in accordance with the reference calibrations to give the screen’s actual attenuation characteristics at each of the measurement locations.
The following components in shielded installations are normally tested
  • Main structure of shielded room (walls, ceiling and floor)
  • Cable ducts/conduits (Single Entries)
  • Any ducts or conduits for fibre cables
  • Wave traps/panels for ventilation or cooling
  • Cable filters and overvoltage protectors for electrical cables
  • Earthing systems both outside and within the shielded installtion
  • Leakage measurements for cabling and cable terminations
Tests are normally conducted in two stages for new installations
  • Firstly, upon completed construction of the shielded room/cabinet and before installation of technical equipment.
  • Secondly, a final test after the installation of technical equipment is complete.

The test concludes with a report containing a short description of the shielded installation’s construction, the actual test results and a description of any deficiencies or non-compliancies against regulated standards. If required, a plan can then be developed with a description of the measures necessary to bring the facility in to compliance with the applicable regulatory standards for EMP/EMI resilience .

For energy supply sector systems the required standards are laid out in the The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) regulatory document for emergency preparedness. For most other civil sectors the regulatory standards are included the Norwegian defence department’s regulations.