About us

EB Consulting AS is a consulting engineering firm offering a broad spectrum of consulting services within telecommunications, operational control systems and EMP/EMI protection (including test and control measurements)

The company is based in Kristiansand and serves the whole of Norway. Established in 2007, the company has a full order book and a long list of successfully completed projects.


  • Project planning
  • Project leadership and implementation
  • Testing and measurements for shielded rooms and shielded cabinets (EMP/EMI)
  • EMP/EMI courses
  • Advisory Consultancy
  • Project documentation
  • Energy production industry
  • Telecom providers
  • Norwegian Public Roads Administration (tunnel communications)


  • Supply of shielded room products for EMP/EMI protection
  • Contractor for installation of EMP protection (building shielded rooms) and telecommunications and radio facilities

The company is certified approved by the National Communications Authority (NKom) for RIA og TIA.
EB Consulting AS is validated by the Sellihca validation system for Norwegian energy providers. Sellihca ID: 109288.

Company number: 996 541 177 MVA