Consultancy services for telecommunication, operational control systems and EMP/EMI/EMC

EB Consulting AS is an engineering consultancy firm offering a broad spectrum of services within the fields of telecommunications, operational control systems, and protection against EMP/EMI. The firm is located in Kristiansand and provides services across the whole of Norway. Since it’s establishment in 2007, the company has added the successful completion of an array of large projects to it’s list of references.

Our Customers

Statnett SF, Agder Energi, Eidsiva, E-CO Energi, Hydro Energi, Haugaland Kraft, Tafjord Kraft, BKK, Odda Energi, Helgeland Kraft, Skagerak Energi, Lyse Kraft, Hafslund, Sunnhordland Kraftlag, Nord Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk, Energiverket Buskerud, Salten Kraftsamband, ICE Communication, VEO.


Industry segments

Energy supply

  • EMP/EMI protection

    Design, planning and delivery of solutions for EMP/EMI protection of operational control systems.

  • Telecom Network Solutions

    Planning and design of telecom network solutions (operations radio, radio and fiber links).

  • “Turn-key” Projects

    “Turn-key” projects.

  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment


  • Emergency Preparedness Regulations

    Assessment and analysis of operational control systems and implementation of necessary upgrades for compliance with the demands of Norway’s emergency preparedness regulations.

Telecom providers

  • Consultancy Services

    Consultancy services to telecommunications providers (both landline and mobile network service providers).

  • Telecom Network Solutions

    Planning and design of telecom network solutions.

  • “Turn-key” Projects

    Project leadership and implementation of “turn-key” projects.

Road Tunnels

  • Electrical Systems in Road Tunnels

    Cooperation with several large advisory consultancies for the planning of the installation of electrical equipment in road tunnels operated by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

  • Radio and Telecommunications Installations

    EB Consulting provide project planning for radio and telecommunications equipment installations.





We provide engineering and project planning services within several areas connected with telecom, operations control systems and EMP/EMI protection. From the initial planning through to the installation/implementation and operation. Providing final reporting and documentation. In short; complete turn-key solutions.

Project Leadership

Project Leadership

EB Consulting provide effective project leadership:

  • for new communications solutions and operational control systems and for the renewal/upgrading of existing facilities.
  • for expanding and upgrading of existing and the installation of new shielded rooms for the protection of communications solutions and operational control systems.

Advisory Consultancy

Advisory Consultancy

Advice and recommendations over the choice of solutions and equipment are a crucial factor in achieving optimal results in the implementation of a project.


Daglig leder:
Espen Cappelen Brantzeg

Telefon: 906 78 148

Dvergsnesheia 47
4639 Kristiansand

Org. nummer: 996 541 177 MVA

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